Cosyfeet Footwear, Hosiery and so much more...

Cosyfeet is probably the widest, deepest and roomiest footwear you can buy. Cosyfeet shoes are made in EEEEE+ widths for women and HH+ widths for men. Designed to provide comfort solutions for everyone, but especially those affected by:

-Arthritis                                                 -Leg Ulcers

-Diabetes                                               -Underfoot Problems

-Strokes                                                  -Gout

-Oedema                                               -MS

-Poor Circulation                                   -Foot and Leg Pain                                    

-Swelling                                                -Heat and Cold







VAT relief is available on Cosyfeet products

Softhold Socks are 'Non-Elastic Sock'. Their patented design has relaxation panels that gently grip your leg over a wide area. Of particular help to those with poor circulation, sensitive legs or whose legs are prone to swelling. 

We also stock the Circulation Booster and are pleased to offer a free of charge. no obligation demonstration.  Call us to arrange your personal trial and enjoy 30 minutes of blood circulating joy

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