Turners and Openers
Can Key
Practical and patented opener for all cans with a ring pull opening device. No more broken nails and..
Can Pop
Most of us have difficulties when trying to open a beverage can. If one manages to get the finger un..
Good Grips Jar Opener
Comfortable, built-up handle helps open stubborn lids easily. The patented Good Grips handle on this..
Great Grips
Great Grips makes it easy to turn round and awkward doorknobs. It’s great for young children, arthri..
Jar Key
Patented and design awarded jar opener that fits all traditional preserving jars. The Jar Pop Key is..
Key Turner III
Curved handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows for easy turning. The heavy-duty plastic handl..
Maxi Jar Key
The Worlds Easiest Jar Opener - For Tall Lids! Patented and design awarded jar opener that fits pres..
Multi Grip
Practical and patented opener for various bottles with safety caps, like cleaning liquids and pill b..
Plastic Multi Opener
Use this multipurpose devise to easily open aluminium can tabs, twist off resealable and pressure se..
Spill Not Jar and Bottle Holder
Helping to grip when opening jars and bottles. Assists those with limited grip or the use of only on..
Tube Master
Tube master squeezes out the last remains of the tubes in a simple way that leaves nothing inside th..
Turn Key
Screw cap cartons can be difficult to open especially for children or elderly people who often lack ..
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